Insanity Workout Tracker for Android

If you are fan of Insanity Workout of the great fitness trainer Shaun T, this app is for you.

This is you can do with «Insanity Workout Tracker»:

* An Insanity workout virtual calendar, order by month and week, so you will know the workout you have to do each day.
* You can mark the workouts in the calendar when you finish them as «workout done»
* You can save your Fit Test results
* You can compare your Fit Test Results through all Insanity Program (table with results stats)
* Share your Fit Test Results with your friends
* Share the workout you are doing with  your friends
* You can do the Insanity Workout Program as many times as you want. The «Insanity Workout Tracker» allows you save your results of all the times you do the all Insanity Program.

Dedicated to all people that love Insanity Workout Program as much as I do! 🙂

INSANITY® is a registered trademark of Beachbody, LLC. This is not an official app. It was made by a fan of Insanity.


Link to to Google Market:


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